Monk Season 8 Episode 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Online Stream?

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The all new season of Monk TV series (Season 8) premiered last August 7th. The show will be releasing 16 episodes this year, up to December 4, 2009. For those who haven't got a clue what this show is all about, well this drama, crime, mystery series focuses on the life of former Adrian Monk, a former detective of the San Francisco PD who got expelled after he bursts out his frustrations when his wife, Trudy, was murdered. Monk is driven by his anger and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OSD) to solve crimes around his society. So are you ready now to watch Monk Season 8 full episodes online?

Preview / spoilers for the upcoming episodes for Monk Season 8 (Episodes 3 - 11) are as follows:

Monk Season 8 Episode 3 8x03 S08E03 "Mr. Monk and the UFO" (August 21, 2009)
Monk must uncover the link between a missing girl and a UFO sighting after Natalie's car breaks down in a small desert town.
Guest Star: Daniel Stern.

Monk Season 8 Episode 4 8x04 S08E04 "Mr. Monk is Someone Else" (August 28, 2009)
In an effort to foil an assassination plot, Monk assumes a dead hit man's identity. Guest Stars: Eric Balfour, Kelly Carlson, Reed Diamond, Vincent Curatola, and Tim Bagley.

Monk Season 8 Episode 5 8x05 S08E05 "Mr. Monk Takes the Stand" (September 11, 2009)
Monk's phobias threaten to undermine a big murder case when an aggressive defense attorney targets the detective's unconventional methods in court.
Guest Star: Jay Mohr.

Monk Season 8 Episode 6 8x06 S08E06 "Mr. Monk Goes Camping" (September 18, 2009)
To woo the lone holdout on the reinstatement committee, Monk accompanies Lt. Disher on a scouting trip with the man's troublesome son--where nature isn't the only thing the troop has to fear.
Guest Stars: Alex Wolff and Wade Williams.

Monk Season 8 Episode 7 8x07 S08E07 "Mr. Monk and the Dog" (September 25, 2009)
Monk reluctantly adopts a dog while looking into the suspicious disappearance of its owner.
Guest Star: Wallace Langham.

Monk Season 8 Episode 8 8x08 S08E08 "Mr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse" (October 9, 2009)
Voodoo appears to be the only explanation when unmarked dolls sent to San Francisco residents accurately predict a series of inexplicable deaths -- including, perhaps, Natalie's.
Guest Stars: Meat Loaf and Michael Patrick McGill.

Monk Season 8 Episode 9 8x09 S08E09 "Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk" (October 16, 2009)
Monk tries to deduce the identity of the person who killed maintenance man Bradley Foster and attorney Richard Meckler, while Natalie tries to arrange a surprise party for the World's Wariest Detective.

Monk Season 8 Episode 3 8x10 S08E10 "Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy" (October 23, 2009)

Monk Season 8 Episode 11 8x11 S08E11 "Mr. Monk and the Critic" (October 30, 2009):
Natalie believes a critic who panned her daughter's performance is responsible for a murder at the same time as the show.
Guest Star: Dylan Baker.

Be sure to check us back regularly for more Monk Season 8 spoilers, trailers, preview, videos and details. Watch Monk Season 8 full episodes exclusively on USA Network.


Shugo Chara Episode 97 98 99 English Sub Raw | Watch Shugo Chara Doki Online Stream

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Shugo Chara or My Guardian Characters in English is one of the most popular anime series worldwide. Are you familiar with series? Shugo Chara anime series is about the Amu Hinamori, a elementary school girl whose life is changed forever after she found three colorful eggs containing three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su. Shugo Chara Doki is the second chapter for the Shugo Chara series. Have you watched the previous episode? So far the latest episode to be released was Shugo Chara Doki Episode 96.

If you missed it, you may read the Shugo Chara 96 episode synopsis / summary below for you to catch up:

While taking Ami shopping, Amu sees a poster that Easter has produced. It says it's starring DL, but DL is really Ikuto under their control. The Guardians decide to go to the concert the next day. They try to interview DL, but security is too strict. While the other Guardians distract the staff, Amu and Tadase manage to get backstage. They find Ikuto, and Yoru attempts to get him, but Ikuto won't budge. He refuses to talk to Amu or Tadase. Security finds Amu and Tadase, and kicks them out. They decide to listen to the concert and protect everyone's Hearts' Eggs. When Ikuto performs, X Eggs are extracted from the audience. The Guardians transform, but only Amu and Tadase go after Ikuto. Yoru joins them, but he can't get Ikuto to come to his senses. Instead, they get hit with powder that inables them to move. Tadase also tries to talk to Ikuto about the past, but he walks off, still under complete control. Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart to purify the eggs. Amu asks Tadase what exactly happened between him and Ikuto, and Tadase agrees to tell her.

Surely the next three episodes for Shugo Chara Doki! will surely be as exciting as the earlier released, here are some preview / spoilers on Shugo Chara 97 98 99:

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 97
English Title: "Tadase and Ikuto, the Horoscope of Fate!"
Japanese / Raw Title: "Tadase to Ikuto, Unmei no Horosukōpu!" (唯世とイクト, 運命のホロスコープ!)
Director: Kazunobu Shimizu
Episode Writer: Hanada Yuki
Release Date: August 22, 2009

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 98
English Title: "Revival! The Shining Dancing Princess!"
Japanese / Raw Title: "Fukkatsu! Kagayaki no Maihime!" (復活! 輝きの舞姫!) Director: Murotani Yasushi
Episode Writer: Toshizō Nemoto
Release Date: August 29, 2009

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 99
English Title: "Our Feelings as One! Guardian's Fight!"
Japanese / Raw Title: "Omoi wa Hitotsu! Gādian no Tatakai!" (思いは一つ! ガーディアンの戦い!)
Director: Takashi Hiroshi
Episode Writer: Miya Asakawa
Release Date: September 5, 2009

Be sure to check your local listings for the appropriate release date and availability in your area. Visit us regularly for more Shugo Chara spoilers, previews and trailers. Watch Shugo Chara Doki Full Episodes exclusively on FREE TV.


Naruto Shippuden Episode 124 125 126 English Sub Raw

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The previous episode of Naruto Shippuden anime series was an exciting one and was watched by millions of anime lovers around the world. If you were satisfied and you enjoyed this action packed episodes of Naruto Shippuden, you better brace yourself for more action as the three upcoming episodes, Naruto Shippuden Episode 124 125 126 are surely exciting to watch. These episodes will be streaming from August 27 to September 10 2009. Initial episodes to be released are Naruto Shippuden raw episodes followed by the subbed translations, one to two days after. Are you excited and ready to watch all new episodes? Come along join the fun.

Here are some information about the upcoming Naruto Shippuden episodes:

- Naruto Shippuden Episode 124 "Art" (Geijutsu 芸術) : August 27, 2009
- Naruto Shippuden Episode 125 "Disappearance" (Shōshitsu 消失) : September 3, 2009
- Naruto Shippuden Episode 126 "Dusk" (Tasogare 黄昏) : September 10, 2009

For now, this are all the details we can release for the upcoming Naruto Shippuden episodes. Please do check us back regularly for more preview, spoilers, manga, videos and episode information about Naruto Shippuden. Check your local listings for the appropriate release date and time in your area.


How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 1 2 3 Online Stream - Preview - Spoilers

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The original cast of How I Met Your Mother, led by Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), are back for a new season (Season 5) this September 2009. CBS still owns the exclusive rights to air How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) Season 5 full episodes. Other returning main characters are Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan). A total of 22 all new episodes will be released this season and so far three of them has been leaked online.

Here are the first three How I Met Your Mother Season 5 episodes:

Episode 1 (Season Premiere) 5x01 S05E01 501 "Definitions" - September 21, 2009: Robin and Barney resist their friends' pressure that they should have "the talk" about their relationship. Meanwhile, a panicky Ted, about to face his first college class, decides he must keep control of his students by releasing his "inner douche", a tactic that backfires miserably.

Episode 2 5x02 S05E02 501 "Double Date" - September 28, 2009: While on a blind date, Ted and Jen realize they've met before, on a blind date seven years ago. They decide to retrace their steps and correct each other's mistakes in an effort to change the outcome of the current evening.

Episode 3 5x03 S05E03 503 "Robin 101" - October 5, 2009: Robin thinks (understandably) that Barney is cheating on her, but in fact he's betraying her and violating her trust in a much more devious way: he's taking classes in "Robin 101" from her ex-boyfriend, Ted, and Barney is proving to be a very apt pupil...

I'm sure your excited to watch all the coming episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 5. We will be providing you with live updates, trailers, videos for this season so be sure to check us back regularly.


Big Bang Theory Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 S03E01 3x01 301 | Watch Online Stream?

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Yes, The Big Bang Theory Season 3 is part of the many premiere TV series that are returning to the primetime slot this coming Fall 2009. I know you missed the wacky adventures of the entire Big Bang Theory cast, who by the way are all returning for this new season. So far, only two episodes has been leaked online. The total number of episodes for Big Bang Theory is yet to be revealed, but I'm sure they will all be good episodes.

Here are the details for the two upcoming episodes of The Big Bang Theory Season 3:

Series Title: The Big Bang Theory
Episode No. 1 (Season 3 Premiere)
Episode Title: "The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation"
Directed by: Mark Cendrowski
Written by: Steven Molaro
Release Date: September 21, 2009
Release Time: TBA

Series Title: The Big Bang Theory
Episode No. 2
Episode Title: "The Jiminy Conjecture"
Release Date: September 28, 2009

No actual preview, spoilers and leaked videos, official trailers has released for this episodes yet. Be sure to check us back regularly for more updates about Big Bang Theory along with other TV series returning this Fall. Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 3 full episodes exclusively on CBS.


House Season 6 Premiere Episode 1 6x01 S06E01 601 | Watch Online Stream?

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He's back! Dr. House and company returns to primetime TV this September 21, 2009 for an all new season of House (Season 6). Hugh Laurie will be returning back to play the role of the series' protagonist Gregory House. The setting of House Season 6 is at the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. Watch out for the new episodes of House Season 6 which will be exclusively distributed by Fox. I'm sure many people will be happy that House is back. I kinda miss him, didn't you?

So far, no preview, spoilers and even episode title has been released for the House Season 6 Premiere episode. What we all know for now is that Katie Jacobs is the director of House 6x01. For sure, millions will be watching this two-hour House Season 6 premiere special episode on 9/21/2009.


Fringe Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 | Watch Online Stream?

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Fringe TV series is coming back this Fall 2009. Fringe Season 2 is expected to premiere in the US on September 17 2009 with a bang. During the last season, a total of 20 episodes were released. Reports have confirmed that Fringe Season 2 will have 22 episodes that are surely exciting and bone-chilling. FOX still owns the exclusive rights to air Fringe Season 2 full episodes. As of today, the first six episodes has been leaked online. Excited?

Watch out for the following Fringe Season 2 episodes:
Fringe Season 2 Episode 1 S02E01 2x01 201 "A New Day in the Old Town"
Fringe Season 2 Episode 2 S02E02 2x02 202 "Night of Desirable Objects"
Fringe Season 2 Episode 3 S02E03 2x03 203 "TBA"
Fringe Season 2 Episode 4 S02E04 2x04 204 "This is the Night Mail"
Fringe Season 2 Episode 5 S02E05 2x05 205 "TBA"
Fringe Season 2 Episode 6 S02E06 2x06 206 "Earthling"

Be sure to check us back regularly for more updates, trailers, spoilers, preview of Fringe Season 2. More exciting TV series are coming this Fall, so watch out for it.


Rick Bayless is Top Chef Masters Winner

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After ten grueling weeks, the Top Chef Masters has revealed that Rick Bayless has won the competition after earning 18 stars in the final voting. Top Chef Masters Episode 10 were watched by millions of TV viewers worldwide. The other finalists for the show were Michael Chiarello and Hubert Keller, who finished with 17 stars and 16.5 stars respectively. Rick Bayless will bring home the title Top Chef Masters 2009 and donate to charity a total amount of $100,000. Congratulations to Rick Bayless for the impressive win.

Here are total earnings of each contestant during the final round of the Top Chef Masters series:

Rick Bayless - $110,000
Michael Chiarello - $20,000
Hubert Keller - $20,000
Anita Lo - $20,000
Art Smith - $10,000
Suzanne Tracht - $10,000

Again, Rick Bayless is the Top Chef Masters 2009 winner.


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