American Dad Season 5 Episode 4 "Brains, Brains, and Automobiles" | Watch American Dad S05E04 5x04 Online Stream Spoilers Preview


An all new episode of American Dad, one of my favorite TV cartoon series, is coming this October 18, 2009 (American Dad Season 5 Episode 4). What makes American Dad stand out from any other family series out there? American Dad lets us see the current issues in politics, media, etc. in the perspective of a government official (CIA Agent Stan Smith). Add up the crazy scenes and plot setup by Seth McFarlane, American Dad is surely one of the funniest and deep cartoon comedy series today.

The last episode of American Dad Season 5 aired last October 11, 2009. On American Dad "Home Adrone" 5x04 episode: "Steve and his friends found and played with what they think is a video game in his father's study, but they really activated a CIA drone."

Another exciting episode of American Dad will premiere this Sunday, October 18, 2009 (10/18/2009), American Dad Season 5 Episode 4 Brains, Brains, and Automobiles. On this episode (American Dad S05E04), Francine teaches Roger to be self-sufficient so he can get his own place; at camp, Steve and his friends fall prey to a scheme.


Family Guy Season 8 Episode 5 "Hannah Banana" | Watch Family Guy S08E05 8x05 Online Stream Preview Spoilers


This October 15, 2009 (10/15/2009), another new episode of Family Guy Season 8 will be premiering on America. Family Guy Season 8 Episode 5 is expected to be watched by millions of TV viewers worldwide. Before we proceed with more information about Family Guy Season 8, let's first take a quick look at what happened on the previous Family Guy episode.

Family Guy Season 8 Episode 4 was released last October 8, 2009 (10/8/2009). On this Family Guy episode, Brian began dating an older woman, thus the Griffin family started to make fun of him. After Brian's new fling broke her hip, he gets the pleasure of becoming her errand boy.

The next Family Guy Season 8 episode is scheduled to air this Thursday. Family Guy Season 8 Episode 5 is entitled as "Hannah Banana". So far there are no spoilers available yet for Family Guy 8x05 (S08E05). But my wild guess, we'll be watching a lot of jokes about Hannah Montana. By the way, don't forget to try our Free Email Subscription now to receive daily email feeds from us.


The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 4 "Treehouse of Horror XX" | Watch The Simpsons S21E04 21x04 Online Stream Spoilers Preview

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Have you watched the previous episode of the Simpsons Season 21? Released last October 11th 2009 (10/11/2009), the Simpsons Season 21 Episode 4 was watched by millions of TV viewers not only in the US but worldwide. Did you miss it? Anyway, here's a brief episode recap of The Simpsons "The Great Wife Hope" episode: "Male population of Springfield became obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts, so Marge and some friends organized a protest. A MMA show promoter got wind of Marge's protest and challenged her to match and agreed to shut down the show if Marge wins.

As we as fast approaching the 20th Anniversary of The Simpsons, better expect more exciting and entertaining all new episodes of The Simpsons. The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 4, entitled as "Treehouse of Horror XX", is scheduled to air on October 19, 2009 (10/19/2009). Looking for some spoilers? Here's a brief episode preview, spoiler, guide/summary for The Simpsons S21E04 / 21x04: "The three stories include the family fighting to survive a zombie outbreak, Bart and Lisa entangled in a murder scheme and Moe has a new beer with the secret ingredient being Homer's blood."

As always, you can watch full and all new episodes of The Simpsons Season 21 exclusively on FOX, every Sunday nights at 8 PM ET.


MTV Making His Band Season 1 Full Episodes Online Preview Spoilers

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One of the newest reality TV series that premiered on MTV this year is Making His Band Season 1. Remember Diddy? On Making His Band, Diddy steps out of his comfort zone and into the rock arena as he looks to form the next big rock-n-roll band to take over the charts and dominate the music industry. Expect to see Diddy working with a roster of top rock-n-roll artists and producers. Truly this is one TV series you don't want to miss every Saturday nights.

To watch full free episodes of Making His Band Season 1, please do check your local listings for the time and availability in your area. Watch new episodes at 9 PM ET. For more spoilers, preview, episode guide and summary from your favorite TV series, be sure to check us back regularly for updates.


MTV Made Season 10 Full Episodes Online Stream Preview Spoilers (2009)

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This year, MTV proudly presents an all new season and all new episodes of one oftheir most popular reality TV series, MTV Made Season 10. MTV Made, which first premiered last July 11, 2003, has already produced nine successful seasons. And this season, MTV Made Season 10 has already released three episodes with millions of TV viewers watching. Are you ready to find out more about MTV Made Season 10?

Here's a brief MTV Made Season 10 preview:

On every new episode of MADE, one willing candidate embarks on a mission to transform his or her life. Whether it's to become a varsity football player, a BMX biker, or a surfer, each teenager has a dream to break out of their shell and find out who they really are. Sometimes they make it, sometimes not, and sometimes they realize they had what they wanted all along. It's a brand new season of subjects, so tune in to see if their dreams get MADE.

Don't forget to watch all new episodes of MTV Made Season 10 every Saturday nights at 9 PM ET, exclusively on MTV. Check your local listings for the time and availability in your area.


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