Real Chance of Love 2 Cast | Watch Real Chance of Love Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 2 3

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I know you guys are looking for the Real Chance of Love 2 Cast. So without further ado, here are the remaining contestants for Real Chance of Love Season 2 which debuted via webcast last July 30 and will be aired on TV last Aug 3.

Nickname ↓ Real name ↓
Aloha Raschelle
Apple Diana Hughes
Baker Tamara
Blonde Baller Kip
Classy Kaylana Reese
Doll Jackie
Flirty Amparo
Hot Wings Kamille Leai
Junk Myrline
Lady Dolly
Mamacita Michelle
Pocahontas Nancy Olivares
PS Tricia
Sassy Gabrielle
Spanish Fly Shirley
Wiggly Kayla

Here's what you missed of the Real Chance of Love Season 2 premiere:

Chance and Real have returned for a second season, after both failed to making a lasting connection in season one; Chance selected no one, and Real's romantic relationship with Corn Fed ended soon after the show. In season two, the Stallionaires have twenty new women looking for love, and it will be up to Real and Chance to find their "Stallionettes". The season features new twists such as no "Real girls" or "Chance girls," leading to "double the competition for their men." This twist leads to "calculated game-play" for some of the women. After eliminations, only sixteen women will remain in the competition.

Show me was eliminated / disqualified for hitting Vegas, who was also disqualified for provoking Show Me. Freckles was eliminated after Real or Chance felt nothing for her. Lastly, Ribbon behaved childish and came off too hard on Real and Chance leading to her elimination.


What Happened to TMZ?

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This is one of the most asked questions today, "What happened to TMZ"? I'm very intrigued to find out what the issue is all about. At first, I thought that TMZ guys were sued, raided or sabotaged. I also thought that was downed by some hackers or some web virus. So I immediately visited their website.

There I find nothing wrong with TMZ, their site and there are no reports on their site saying that something wrong with TMZ. I also found out that they are featuring five articles about the late Michael Jackson in the TMZ homepage such as:

Michael Jackson Sells
Michael Jackson Movie Coming Soon
Lawyers Want to Stop Bootlegging .. STAT
Jermaine Jackson -- Smile for Apple
Joe Jackson -- I Won't Be There ... MuchJoe Jackson -- I Won't Be There ... Much


Tiny & Toya Episode 5 6 | Watch Tiny and Toya Episode 5 6 Online Stream?

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Tiny and Toya are hottest duo on television today. BET has given Tiny & Toya a primetime slot for their own reality TV series, Tiny & Toya Season 1. The first two episodes of August, Tiny & Toya Episode 5 and Tiny & Toya Episode 6, which will be released in two succeeding weeks will surely be one of the most exciting and talked-about episode of this season.

Here's a sneak peak / spoiler of what will transpire on Tiny & Toya this week: "Tiny spends time with her dad after T.I. goes to prison. Meanwhile, Toya contends with her mom's drug problem."

To watch Tiny & Toya Episodes 5 & 6 full stream, check your local listings for the time and availability in your area. Watch Tiny & Toya Season 1 exclusively on BET.


10 Things I Hate About You Episode 5 6 | Watch ABC 10 Things I Hate About You Season 1 Online Stream?

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ABC's 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the hottest among new TV series in America, and even watched on other countries via satellite TV. The story of 10 things I hate about you revolves of the life of two sisters, Kat and Bianca. Will the two ever get along? You can find that out by watching 10 Things I Hate About episodes you every week.

The first two episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You Season 1 this August is sure to be exciting. Episode 5 entitled as "Don't Give Up" will be aired on Aug 5th followed next week by Episode 6 "You Can't Always Get What You Want".

Here are some spoilers for 10 Things I Hate About You Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6:

10 Things I Hate About You Episode 5: Don't Give Up

Kat tries to break the stereotype of girls doing everything a boy can do by joining a class to fix cars. Bianca and Joey become lab partners. Chastity makes a deal with Bianca for the top spot as a cheerleader provided Joey passes his Chemistry paper and plays for the team.

10 Things I Hate About You Episode 6: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Bianca and her new friend Dawn ask Cameron to help them with a new web reality show, so that Bianca can go in a shopping trip with Chastity. In order to get more viewers the girls realize that they need to be a little more adventurous. How far will they go to raise the money?

Meanwhile, Kat complains about the grading system in one of her classes. Luckily for Kat, the school counselor has a personal vendetta against this particular teacher. In the end, the whole experience leads Kat to some self-realizations that she did not expect.

Check your local listings for the time and availability of this TV series in your area. Watch 10 Things I Hate About You Season 1 exclusively on ABC.


Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Episode 4 5 | Watch Hell's Kitchen S06E04 S06E05 6x04 6x05 Online Stream

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Hell's Kitchen (US) Season 6: With Melissa, Louie, Joseph and Tony are out of the contest, there are only 12 contestants remaining. The remaining Hell's Kitchen (US) Season 6 contestants are:

* Amanda Davenport, 27, a sous chef from New York, NY
* Andy Husbands, 39, an executive chef from Boston, MA
* Ariel Contreras, 27, a sous chef from Los Angeles, CA
* Dave Levey, 32, an executive chef from San Diego, CA
* Jim McGloin, 34, a sous chef from Nashua, NH
* Kevin Cottle, 35, an executive chef from Middletown, CT
* Lovely (Connie) Jackson, 23, a camp chef from Chicago, IL
* Sabrina Gresset, 34, a restaurant manager from Phoenix, AZ
* Suzanne Schlicht, 24, a sous chef from Milwaukee, WI
* Tek Moore, 27, a line cook from New York, NY
* Tennille Middleton, 28, an executive chef from Fairfax, VA
* Van Hurd, 26, a fish cook from Dallas, TX

If you missed Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Episode 3, here's what happened:

- With two men short on the blue team, Chef Ramsay had Robert go back to the blue team.
- At 2 A.M., the contestants were awakened with lights and sirens from fire trucks. However, there was no fire, but there was a team challenge -- serve the firefighters a pasta meal, as an exercise in teamwork and planning; the first to serve all firefighters on its side wins. The red team won.
- The red team go by helicopter to spend a day at the Pacific Waters Spa. The blues clean up the firefighters' engines, to be followed by cleaning up the dining area. However, during the engine cleanings, Dave sprained his wrist, while Kevin sprained both ankles. After treatment, both opted to stay in the competition.
- Dave and Lovely were assigned to wait tables. Lovely was criticised for taking 42 minutes to place an order, due to her handwriting, as well as a customer requesting a rare Balmoral wine. Tennille was using too much oil in her scallops, and continued to do so against the advice of her teammates, and Chef Ramsay. Both teams were able to complete their service, with the reds finishing first; the blue team had one order to go and was poised to win, but Robert forgot to cook the salmon. However, the blues won the service after all, based on comment cards from the customers -- 83% to the reds' 81%.
- Lovely and Tennille were nominated for elimination.
- Chef Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen Episode 3: "Lovely and Tennille may think they've just received a gift, but what I have in store for them tomorrow will have them running for the door." (No reasons were given for Joseph's or Tony's eliminations, though Tony got the "coat hook and burning picture" routine after his elimination, before moving on to the team challenge.)

Wow, I'm sure you're already excited to watch what will happen to Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Episode 4 and 5. No worry, we won't need to wait any longer 'coz Hell's Kitchen 6 ep 4 and 5 will be released on the first and second week of August. Check your local listings for the time and availability in your area.


Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2 Episode 2 | Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta "Kim-tervention" S02E02 2x02 2.02 Online Stream?

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Last weeks season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was totally off the charts. It just proves you that TV viewers are very much interested in the Real Housewives series. The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 2 episode 1 was entitled "New Attitude, Same ATL", for those who missed the blockbuster season premiere, here's the Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 1 synopsis for you to catch up:

- Nene showed her “gay boyfriend” Dwight her new home, located in Lisa’s neighborhood, and Dwight gave her some design tips.
- Sheree had also moved into a smaller home, after her husband failed to pay the mortgage on her former estate.
- After mending their friendships, Nene, Sheree, and Lisa celebrated the Birthday of Niecy Nash in downtown Atlanta.
- During the celebration, the three noticed Kim was there and was talking about her lies and their new attitude towards her.
- Nene was very offended by the fact that Kim snubbed her big time.
- Sheree also mentioned that Kim and her lost their friendship during the offseason. - At home, Lisa and her husband talked of having another baby, as Lisa also 38.
- Kim visited her long time psychic who told her she will have a baby boy in the near future.
- New girl Kandi discussed her singing career and a new phase in life, as she is engaged to long time friend A.J., who has six kids of his own.
- However, her mother and sister Riley, disagrees with their marriage as they believe that Kandi will not be happy with all of her new brothers and sisters.

Here is the current cast for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2:
* Linnethia "NeNe" Leakes
* Sheree Whitfield
* Lisa Wu-Hartwell
* Kimberleigh "Kim" Zolciak
* Kandi Burruss

Unfortunately, the ex-wife of former NBA guard Eric Snow, DeShawn Snow wasn't invited for the second season.

If you think that the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 2 premiere is very intriguing and controversial, you haven't seen anything yet. Coming this week, Real Housewives of ATL episode 2 will surely bring you something to talk about along with your friends. Real Housewives of Atlanta 2nd episode is entitled "Kim-tervention", as always, the not-so-beloved Kim will take over the show. Watch it LIVE exclusively on Bravo. Check your local listings for the release date and release time in your area.


Hung Episode 5 6 | HBO Watch Hung Episode 5 6 Online Stream

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Hung is definitely one of the most popular, controversial and talked-about new TV series not only in America, but also worldwide. HBO Hung is a mature-themed TV show which is similar to the Duece Bigolo movie series years back. The first two Hung episodes for the month of August 2009 is surely episodes that you cannot miss. But first, here's what happened to Hung Episode 4 (for those who want to catch up):

Hung Episode 4 "The Pickle Jar" synopsis:

The students of Lakefield voted for Coach Ray as their recipient for the fundraiser but Ray found it embarrassing. Tanya had other ideas to boost Ray's career as a gigolo. Damon was left reeling when his sister rejected his help.

Moving forward, Hung Episode 5 is entitled "Do it, Monkey" has been released last August 2, 2009 and one week later on August 9th, Hung Episode 6 "Doris is Dead or Are We Rich or Are We Poor?" will be airing on HBO. According to our sources, Hung Season 1 will be a short series with just eight episodes. So Hung Episode 6 is the 3rd to the last episode of Hung Season 1. Watch it exclusively on HBO. Check your local listings for the time and availability in your area.


Cory Aquino Memorial - Necrological Service Replay (VIDEO) Online

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Princess Lover 5 6 Sub | Watch Princess Lover Episode 5 6 English Sub Raw

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Watch Princess Lover 5 & 6 Sub Online Stream

Princess Lover or プリンセスラバー! in Japanese (raw version) is an anime series which is based on an adult PC game released in 2007. Princess Lover! anime was first released last March 2009. Princess Lover is written by Makoto Nakamura, directed by Hiromitsu Kanazawa and produced by GoHands as their first animation production. The storyline of Princess Lover revolves on the appeal of the four female main characters. With such a short period after its debut worldwide, Princess Lover has also garnered a huge portion of anime fans. Just this week, Princess Lover 5 Sub has been one of the most search anime episode title.

This week, Princess Lover Episode 5 has been released for Japanese (raw), English, German, Korean, Chinese, Español and other foreign translations. So next week, Princess Lover 6 Sub will also be released and I'm sure that it will again be one of the most searched anime title when it is aired. Check your local listings for the time and availability of Princess Lover Episode 5 and 6 in your area.


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