Watch Crash Course TV Show Premiere Episode 1 2 3 4 5 Online Stream?

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From the executive producers of Hell's Kitchen, comes another exciting and all new TV series from ABC. Hosted by Orlando Jones and Dan Cortese, Crash Course TV show made a successful TV premiere / series debut last night. If you may recall, an 1988 TV teen film directed by Oz Scott, Crash Course or Driving Academy was released. Crash Course on ABC is described as a “New Automotive Competition Reality Show Featuring Challenging Driving Courses Never Before Seen on Television”.

Here's the full description / synopsis of the Crash Course TV Show courtesy of ABC:

This summer ABC fulfills your need for speed and laughs by putting you in the driver’s seat of “Crash Course,” a one of a kind automotive competition reality series produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions, the producers of “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” and “Hell’s Kitchen.” Hosts are Orlando Jones (”Drumline,” “Biker Boyz”) and Dan Cortese (”The Superstars” “Surviving Suburbia”). Production was shot in the automobile capitol of the world, Detroit, Michigan. The program airs Wednesday nights from 9:00-10:00 p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network, starting AUGUST 26.
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Imagine racing fast and furious in the ultimate driving course. Now imagine it with your significant other or mother right beside you giving you directions, all the while seeing flaming ramps up ahead. “Crash Course” will not only put the couples’ navigating skills to the test, but will test drive their relationships and patience, as teams work together and summon their greatest driving skills to make it across the finish line. The contestants will be everyday people from all walks of life who have a pre-existing relationship (father and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend, best friends, etc).

The five teams will be reduced to a final prize of $50,000.

Each week, five teams of two will compete against each other, being eliminated one by one as they battle through several challenges before facing the final “Crash Course” at the end of each episode — the ultimate gravity and logic defying driving test — for a chance to win the ultimate prize of $50,000.

Teams will be tested individually as well as in group races by such competitions as car bowling, backward drag racing — with a boat in tow — and parallel parking the most challenging vehicle ever (as in tank, fire truck, bus). Driving on the road of life is not about the destination but the journey, and for these contestants it’ll be a hilarious, nerve wracking and emotional lap to victory. Whether it’s driving on an exploding slalom course or bursting through garage doors with no idea what lies on the other side, contestants will have to face speed bumps, falling objects and all manner of extreme driving conditions to conquer the “Crash Course.”

The executive producers are Arthur Smith and Kent Weed for A. Smith & Co. Productions (”I Survived a Japanese Game Show,” “Hell’s Kitchen”), Rick Hurvitz and Bruce Beresford-Redman for Mindcrime.


Watch Barclays English Premier League / Prima Liga 2009 LIVE Online Stream - Replay - Highlights (August 29 2009)

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Chelsea v Burnley LIVE @ Stamford Bridge (12:45)
Blackburn Rovers v West Ham United LIVE @ Ewood Park (15:00)
Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool LIVE @ Reebok Stadium (15:00)
Stoke City v Sunderland LIVE @ Britannia Stadium (15:00)
Tottenham Hotspur v Birmingham City LIVE @ White Hart Lane (15:00)
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Hull City LIVE @ Molineux (15:00)
Manchester United v Arsenal LIVE @ Old Trafford (17:15)


Manchester United vs. Arsenal | Man Utd (MU) vs. Arse LIVE Online Stream (8/29/2009)

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This Saturday, August 29th 2009, millions of football fans will gather to witness one of the most anticipated soccer game in Premier League history. It's Manchester United FC vs. Arsenal FC LIVE from Old Trafford. For years now, these two teams have proven that every game they played is an instant classic, a soccer match you can't miss. Manchester United has set the record for most championship titles in Premier League history and most of the time, it was Arsenal who always stands on their way. For Arsenal, this game is a matter of vengeance and pride, a chance for them to prove that they deserve to win this year's crown.

Watch LIVE Barclays English Premier League 2009 Soccer action this coming Saturday, with eight action-packed games in-stored for all football fans worldwide. Check out the below schedule for details and more information:

1 - Chelsea v Burnley LIVE @ Stamford Bridge (12:45)
2 - Blackburn Rovers v West Ham United LIVE @ Ewood Park (15:00)
3 - Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool LIVE @ Reebok Stadium (15:00)
4 - Stoke City v Sunderland LIVE @ Britannia Stadium (15:00)
5 - Tottenham Hotspur v Birmingham City LIVE @ White Hart Lane (15:00)
6 - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Hull City LIVE @ Molineux (15:00)
7 - Manchester United v Arsenal LIVE @ Old Trafford (17:15)

Be sure to check us back for all the LIVE scores, highlights, goals, videos, pictures, and more action from Barclays Premier League.


Senator Edward Ted Kennedy is dead - died - death

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August 25, 2009 will be remembered by many Americans as the day that the last family member of the prominent Kennedy dynasty has died. Senior Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 77. Ted is the younger brother of former US president, John F Kennedy. Two of his brothers died by assassination. Although, Senator Ted Kennedy was once jailed for two months after a rumored girlfriend of his died at the year 1968, he managed to stand up and became one of the most influential US senators. Edward Kennedy is part of the Democratic party of President Obama.

We offer our deepest sympathy, prayers and condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of the great late Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy. A Bible passage says "For me, to live is in Christ and to die is gain". Ted is now in the heavens with our Lord God Almighty, that's for sure.


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