Victoria Justice Sexy Pictures - Photos - Pics

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Who is Victoria Justice? Victoria Justice is iCarly's Shelby Marx. Victoria Justice appeared in "iFight Shelby Marx", iCarly Season 2, Episode 20 last night. Victoria Justice is a young teen idol, only 16 years old, and many have been amazed how sexy Victoria Justice is. This may be the reason why many Internet users are searching for her sexy pictures.

Again, I told you earlier that Victoria Justice, who was born February 19, 1993, is only 16. So I won't be posting any sexy pics of her in the blog as she is still considered a minor. You can checkout Victoria Justice myspace account if you want to.


Trial of the Crusader: Northrend Beasts Strategy

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Here is an overview of the Northrend Beast Boss which will be the second for you to encounter in the Trial of the Crusader:

Northrend Beast Boss Abilities:

Gormok Abilities

* Staggering Stomp: Deals a staggering stomp that inflicts 9263 to 9737 Physical damage to all enemies within 15 yards and interrupts spellcasting for 8 seconds.
50000 yd range, 0.5 sec cast
* Impale: Inflicts 150% of weapon damage to an enemy and causes it to bleed for 3500 to 4500 damage

Acidmaw Abilities

* Paralytic Bite: Inflicts 12950 to 15050 Nature damage on an enemy and injects them with a paralytic toxin.
5 yd range, Instant
* Paralytic Spray: Sprays acid at an enemy and nearby targets, dealing 8325 to 9675 Nature damage and applying a debilitating paralytic toxin.
100 yd range, 1.1 sec cast
* Acidic Spew: Deals 2775 to 3225 Nature damage per 0.25 sec. to enemies in front of the caster.
100 yd range, Instant
* Slime Pool: Inflicts 5088 to 5912 Nature damage to enemy targets within the Poison Cloud.

Watch this Trial of the Crusader Video from Youtube:

Dreadscale Abilities

* Burning Bite: Inflicts 11100 to 12900 Fire damage to an enemy and coats them with burning bile.
5 yd range, Instant
* Burning Spray: Sprays fluid at an enemy and nearby targets, dealing 8325 to 9675 Fire damage and coating them with burning bile.
100 yd range, 1.1 sec cast
* Fire Spit: Deals 9250 to 10750 Fire damage to an enemy.
100 yd range, 1.1 sec cast
* Molten Spew: Deals 3700 to 4300 Fire damage per 0.25 sec. to enemies in front of the caster.
100 yd range, Instant

Icehowl Abilities

* Ferocious Butt: Delivers a ferocious headbutt to an enemy, inflicting 69375 to 80625 Physical damage and stunning for 3 sec.
8 yd range, Instant
* Arctic Breath: An icy breath that freezes targets in a cone in front of the caster, inflicting 20000 Frost damage over 5 sec.
100 yd range, Channeled
* Massive Crash: Leaps into the air and crashes down with massive force, dealing 11000 Physical damage to all enemies, stunning them, and knocking them back.
1 sec cast
* Whirl: Whirls around, dealing 9250 to 10750 Physical damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them back.
15 yd range, Instant
* Frothing Rage: Increases Physical damage and attack speed by 50%.


One Piece Episode 413 English Sub Raw | Watch Online

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One Piece is of the longest running anime TV series and maybe is considered one of the most popular in the world. Did you know that the One Piece manga series has already surpassed the number of volumes released by Dragon Ball series? Yes, One Piece has definitely established itself as one of the premiere anime series still active today. This August 16th, a new episode of One Piece - One Piece Episode 413 will be released. The Japanese / raw title for One Piece 413 is "Rufi Daikusen! Hebi Shimai no Haki no Chikara!!" (ルフィ第苦戦!ヘビ姉妹の覇気の力!!). When you translate this to English, it simply means "Luffy's Hard Trial! The Power of the Snake Sisters' Willpower!!"

Wow, I'm excited to watch One Piece 413, which will be available on various languages, raw or subbed, you choose. Be sure to catch it at its official release date on August 16, 2009. Watch it before everyone else.


UFC 101 Results - Highlights VIDEO

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UFC 101 "Declaration" happened last August 8, 2009. This is one of the most celebrated mixed martial arts, reality combat pay per view of the year. So are you ready to find out who won the matches: Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin and B.J. Penn vs. Kenny Florian? Also, there are many exciting undercard matches that has shaped up some of the future MMA fighters.

Here are the match awaited UFC 101 RESULTS:

- Pellegrino defeated Neer via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
- Almeida defeated Grove via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
- Hendricks defeated Sadollah via TKO (strikes) at 0:29 of round 1.
- Riley defeated Nelson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
- Silva defeated Griffin via KO (punch) at 3:23 of round 1.
- Penn defeated Florian via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:45 of round 4 to retain the UFC Lightweight Championship.

So again, BJ Penn was able to successfully defend his UFC LW title against Florian via submission. Anderson Silva also won his match vs. Griffin via KO.


Josh Hamilton Drunk Photos - Pictures - Pics

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Last January, Josh Hamilton, a Texas Rangers outfielder, was seen very drunk and dancing wildly in Tempe, an Arizona bar. Josh Hamilton was s-e-x-y dancing with an unknown woman. Today, this Josh Hamilton Drunk Photos has been leaked through the Internet.

In an interview, Josh Hamilton spoke about the Tempe drinking controversy:

“I’m embarrassed about it for my wife Katie, for my kids and for the organization. I’m not perfect. It’s an ongoing struggle, and it’s real. It’s amazing how these things can creep back in. But I am human and I have struggles. If I think I can have one drink, I think I can have two, and then it snowballs to 10 or 12. As soon as it happened, I called my support staff — Katie, the organization and MLB — and told them what happened. I was open and honest about it. People with an addiction can make a mistake.”

The Texas Rangers has not released a formal statement yet about the incident.


Derrick Thomas DEATH | How Did Derrick Thomas Die?

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Derrick Thomas was involved in car accident last January 2000, wherein Derrick Thomas who was riding his 1999 Chevrolet Suburban, was paralyzed from the chest down (lower extremities). Just this February 8, 2009, Derrick Thomas died of the complications of this accident primarily due to pulmonary embolism.

I am still verifying the reason why people are looking for information about Derrick Thomas death which happened may back February of this year. Still, we offer our deepest condolences the family and loved ones of Derrick Thomas.


Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos 2009 - Pics - Photos

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Vanessa Hudgens, is the young Disney star which became famous worldwide because of her naughty private photos that are regularly being leaked through the Internet. Months ago, Vanessa Hudgens' n-u-d-e photos were leaked. The funny thing was, Vanessa Hudgens took these photos by herself. And when it seemed that Vanessa Hudgens had enough of the controversy, here she goes again. More Vanessa Hudgens leaked pics are now being feasted upon by the online community worldwide. I'm getting a hunch that Vanessa Hudgens is intentionally leaking the here s-e-x-y pictures online to make her famous. As we all know, controversy creates cash.


Heidi Montag Playboy Pictures - Photos - Pics

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Heidi Montag is once again making the headlines around the world because of the Heidi Montag Playboy pictures / photos that has been leaked in the Internet. I have seen these Heidi Montag playboy pics months ago from TMZ's exclusive Heidi Montag playboy photo shoot. I know that many of you are interested to see and grab a copy of this much wanted Heidi Montag images but I assure you, you will be disappointed because you ain't gonna see Heidi Montag's moneymakers as she requested it to be covered / edited.

Here is the official Heidi Montag Playboy cover (Heidi Montag dirty playboy pictures):

(When I said dirty Heidi Montag photos, I literally meant it!)


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