Shugo Chara Party Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 English Sub Raw | Watch Shugo Chara Party Online

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Coming this October 3rd, an all new Shugo Chara series, "Shugo Chara Party", is released for worldwide anime fans. I tried searching wiki, spoilers, episode guides for Shugo Chara Party but so far we found no success yet. What we do have is the schedule of Shugo Chara Party premiere.

Shugo Chara Party Episodes Release Schedule:
Shugo Chara Party Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 release timing for Pacific(-8.00) – Friday 10.00 PM
Shugo Chara Party Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 release timing for ASIA(+8.00) Saturday 10.00 AM


How did Eddie Guerrero died? | WWE Decade of Smackdown (Oct 2 2009)

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Today, WWE celebrates 10 years of Smackdown with a special episode especially for WWE Smackdown fans worldwide. A pillar for the success of Smackdown is definitely no other that Viva La Raza, Eddie Guerrero. But last November 2005, the Mexican wrestler was found dead inside his hotel. The authorities who rushed to the scene identified Eddie Guerrero dead with a toothbrush still on his mouth. Just days before Eddie Guerrero died, he was supposed to have a title match, and his death really changed Smackdown forever.

Rumors say that Eddie Guerrero may have died from drug overdose, perhaps steroids which is a rampant problem for any wrestling brand. Anyway, with Eddie Guerrero death, Smackdown has reached new heights and more Mexican superstars emerged then after.


International Olympics Committee (IOC) picks Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as venue for 2016 Olympics

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Just minutes ago, it was revealed by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be the home of the 2016 Olympics. Rio de Janeiro bested three other venues in votes: Chicago (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Madrid (Spain). I'm sure Obama may be a little pissed that Chicago was eliminated on the first round of voting. Well, if you ask me, Rio de Janeiro is a perfect choice for the Olympics. Its like one of the greatest paradise in the world. I'm sure that Brazil tourism will greatly boost after this major announcement. Again, Rio de Janeiro is the venue for the 2016 Olympics.


Joe Halderman Arrested | Who is Robert "John" J. Halderman?

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Just hours ago, it was revealed that a Joe Halderman, a CBS producer for the crime TV show, 48 hours, was arrested in relation to the extortion case filed by David Letterman. Already, a woman namely, Stephanie Birkitt, has also been dragged into the mess, as Letterman's staff whom he had affair with. As the reports and research on David Letterman's extortion continues, more developments has been revealed on why Joe Halderman was arrested.

Robert "Joe" Halderman was required to pay $6,800 a month in child and spousal support for three years in his 2004 divorce settlement with former spouse Patty Montet, according to documents obtained Friday by

Three years later, that amount was reduced to $5,966.66, the records show.

The "48 Hours" producer, who now lives in Norwalk, Conn., and his ex sold the family home and divided the proceeds - as well as split credit card bills totaling approximately $13,500. He also agreed to pay the medical bills and life insurance for his now 18- and 11-year-old kids.


David Letterman - Stephanie Birkitt Sex Scandal VIDEO

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Just recently David Letterman made a shocking revelation. David Letterman claimed that somebody is out with extortion against him. The culprit is trying to extract 2 Million from David Letterman or else, the former affair / sexual relationship of David Letterman with his former staff will be revealed. David Letterman, shocked us all when he did admit that this is true. Thus, many are in constant search for David Letterman's sex scandal.

Anyway, just hours ago, it was revealed that the name of the Letterman's staff, whom he had an affair with, is Stephanie Birkitt. On Google (GOOG), Stephanie Birkitt searches is just volcanic as people are very much interested to find out more about David Letterman's staff, Stepanie Birkitt.

Stephanie Birkitt pictures, photos and pics will be posted here soon, so watch out for it. Up to now, we're still searching for David Letterman & Stepanie Birkitt Scandal Video from Youtube and any other sites, but so far, no luck yet.


Elizabeth Smart Testimony Transcript | Elizabeth Smart Case like Jaycee Dugard

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Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped, raped and even feared to be pregnant after years on the hands of David Mitchell. Elizabeth Smart made a testimony in the Salt Lake City Courtroom, and I have to warn you, these testimony by Elizabeth Smart is very sexually graphic.

Elizabeth Smart Testimony Transcript FULL:

Brian David Mitchell was removed from the courtroom for singing. Elizabeth told the press later that she asked him to watch her testimony, so he was placed in a room with a TV.

Elizabeth Smart said that she was kidnapped from her bed by Brian David Mitchell and held at knife point at around 2 am. He took her to a campground a few miles from her home where his wife was and told her to change and bathe, then he performed a marriage ceremony for himself and Smart, and after that he raped her.

He bolted her to a cable and two trees and she could move about 20 feet between the trees. She stated that he raped her 3 or 4 times a day and that his dominant focus was sex. She said that he gave her drugs or alcohol to lower her resistance, and he showed her pornography. He used religion to justify his behavior. She called him crude and vulgar, and said that at times he would shout or sing.

Smart said that at times, Wanda his wife would get upset with her and he would stop for a brief time from raping her, but there wasn’t an actual 24-hour period he wasn't able to rape me. She said that there were times when she was able to say no to him because of Wanda and it felt "wonderful.

She said that Brian David Mitchell thought of himself as the king, and that was doing the lord’s work.

Elizabeth Smart said that there was a time when he gave her too much to drink and she vomited all over herself and made her lie down in her own vomit for the entire night. She said that he manipulated her and she watched him manipulate others. Once he pretended to be an investigator from the church and people invited them into their home, he would tell them his goal was to find a second wife.

Smart said that if someone agreed with him he acted normally, but if they didn’t agree with him that he would walk away from them or start singing.

When winter approached, Mitchell made the decision that they would go to San Diego, saying that he had to find wife number two. She said that he was arrested when they were in San Diego, for breaking into a church, he passed out inside the church because he took some drugs that he stole from someone. The police found him sleeping in the church. He told Elizabeth that he was booked into jail. He told her that he was wearing a robe and when they were booking him in, they could see everything, “his privates” and they liked everything they saw. He was in jail for 6 or 7 days before he came back to camp. Smart stayed at the camp with Wanda during this time.

Smart said that he wasn’t confused about things, she thought he was very smart, and he knew a lot of things. She said that he was never bewildered or out of control, but that he sang a lot.


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