Pennhurst State Mental Hospital Insane Asylum VIDEO Online

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As we are fast approaching the Halloween season 2009, the shows on TV and videos on the Internet seems to be getting more and more creepy. With many real life photos and videos of horrific proportions being shared online and featured on TV, I always keep my two year old kid from watching them. Anyway, one of the videos/ TV episodes that was released on A&E is referring to the Pennhurst State Mental Hospital / Pennshurst Insane Asylum.

Here's the episode summary / spoiler for "Extreme Paranormal: Pennhurst Insane Asylum & Manchac Swamp" which premiered tonight (Oct 26th) at 9 PM ET:

"Pennhurst Mental Hospital | Pennhurst Insane Asylum"

The investigators explore a decrepit mental asylum and haunted swamp. Traveling deep into the heart of Manchac Swamp just outside of New Orleans where an entire town was wiped away by a massive hurricane in 1915, the trio goes as far as to bury one of their own alive in a mass gravesite in order to contact the souls of the residents. The team then travels to Eastern Pennsylvania to the Pennhurst State School, a rundown mental hospital that was closed in 1986 after decades of abuse, neglect and torture. They investigate strange sightings and unexplained phenomena and relive horrific abuses such as prolonged restraint and electroshock therapy in the hopes of experiencing and coaxing restless spirits to come out of the shadows.


Real Chance of Love 2 Winner | Who won Real Chance of Love 2

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Are you looking for the answer to these following topics: real chance of love 2 finale, real chance of love 2 winners, real chance of love 2, real chance of love 2 spoilers, who won real chance of love 2? Is it Doll or Hot Wings? Jackie DaFonseca of Kamille Leai? Well, the season finale of Real Chance of Love 2 will happen next week. And guess what, we have some spoilers for the Real Chance of Love 2 finale, and even a leak to who will win real chance of love 2. But first, let's take a look at a quick recap from the last episode of Real Chance of Love 2.

The competition was down the final 3 Real's girls: Pocahontas, Doll and Sassy. And guess what, Pocahontas was the last to be eliminated, trimming the competition to the Final Two (2) Real's Girls: Doll and Sassy. So why was Pocahontas eliminated? Real found out that Pocahontas lied to him about having a threesome. On the last Real Chance of Love 2 episode, Real stated the reason why he and Corn Fed broke up because he found out that she broke up her engagement to another man a month before coming to the first season of the show.

Here's a breakdown of the two remaining Real Chance of Love 2 contestants:

Doll - Jackie DaFonseca - Real's Choice Winner
Hot Wings - Kamille Leai - Chance's Choice Winner

Be sure to check us back soon as the Real Chance of Love 2 finale and official winner announcement will be revealed soon.


Cheap Halloween Costumes | DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home

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The clock's ticking fast and we're already approaching the Halloween celebration this November 1st 2009 (11/1/2009). Its the time of the day wherein children are dressed up like monsters, ghouls and other spooky stuff, trick-or-treating on every house they pass by. At the end of the day, all they bring home are candies, chocolates and other sweets, plus the fun and excitement they had with their friends. For young adults, Halloween is about parties. Expect your teenagers to get up late and party through the night. How about the elderly and conservative people, well, they are on cemeteries spending time with their relatives via a large reunion.

The great thing about Halloween are costumes. Almost every year, the off-the-shelf costumes are looking great and more scarier than before. But did you know that you can do a Halloween costume yourself at home, and save up money from buying them? All it takes is a little creativity. Hope you did your recycling chores 'coz every single piece of trash can be turned into a beautiful Halloween costume masterpiece.

Go ahead, try creating a Halloween Costume at home, with your kids and the entire family. Its easy and a great bonding time too.


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