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CS9 is the home of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), WWE, American TV series and other sports and foreign events. C/S stands for Crime and Suspense channel, is owned by Solar Entertainment Corporation. The current slogan for C/S9 for 2009 is "Right Here, Right Now". Its sister networks are Jack TV, C/S Origin, Radio Philippines Network (RPN).

Watch LIVE C/S9 Streaming:

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Italian Vogue Rihanna Pictures - Photos - Pics

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Earlier today, it was reported that Rihanna, the artist who popularized a worldwide track "Umbrella", posed t0p-less for Italian Vogue. If you may recall, Rihanna was badly battered by his former boyfriend, Chris Brown last February. Just weeks ago, Chris Brown was sentenced guilty with physical injuries and is currently under parole. During this time, Rihanna was silent in her career. But since justice has been served for her, its time for her to move forward. A pose for a popular magazine like Italian Vogue seems to be a good move for her.

Yeah, I know your excited to see the Rihanna Tople$s cover pic from Italian Vogue. Unfortunately, I can't show photos of explicit content here. Anyway, as promised here's a photo of Rihanna from the magazine:


Legarrette Blount Oregon football player punch Byron Hout (VIDEO)

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Legarrette Blount has punched his way out of the NCAA football season, I mean he literally punched his way after laying a smackdown on a Boise State player. Several officials and players had to restrain Blount to stop him for doing further damage. Why? Maybe out of frustration. The Oregon Ducks lost to the Boise Broncos, with the final score of 19-8. The victim of the punch was Boise State's Byron Hout, who tapped Legarrette Blount on his shoulder after game. But things turned really bad when Blount reacted violently.

With this altercation, Legarrette Blount faces severe disciplinary actions and many say that there is enough reason to oust him from the team. So far, no official statements has been released by NCAA football association, both teams and the players involved.

Watch Legarrette Blount Punch VIDEO below:


Michael Jackson Open Casket Photo - Pictures - Pics


With Michael Jackson finally laid to his temporary resting place, the La


Michael Jackson Open Casket Photo - Pictures - Pics

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With Michael Jackson finally laid to his temporary resting place, inside a great mausoleum located in Forest Lawn Cemetery, many are still puzzled to find out if it is true that the King of Pop was in the casket. Today, it was rumored but not confirmed that there was a security breach in MJ's burial service. With many media people in the event, multiple cameras rolling, it would be difficult for them to have a shot at Michael Jackson inside his casket. But there are also reports that the Jackson family will be selling only one open casket photo to the highest bidder. If it is true, then they should be ashamed of themselves! Profiteering on a deceased family member is just a sick thing to do.

With many speculations that Michael Jackson faked his own death, I see only one way to falsify and shut the mouths of the people who are circulating this rumor. Show a Michael Jackson Open Casket Photo to prove that the King of Pop is indeed dead.

For the meantime, please watch this exclusive video from Michael Jackson's burial service:


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