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Since Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy went missing last Wednesday, the whole world especially the Indian community are tuned in to new channels to find out the latest updates on YSR. Is YSR dead? Has he died from the tragic helicopter crash? We do not have answers for these questions yet but tuning into one of the best Indian news channels, Sakshi TV News, would greatly help.

So far, we found no success in searching for an embeddable and free Sakshi TV Online streaming. But please do check us back regularly as we will be bringing you live news and updates on YS Rajasekhara Reddy / YSR's condition. Tune in to major news channels for the search and rescue operation updates for Andresh Chief Minister.


TV9 Telugu News Channel Online LIVE Free Streaming

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Today, millions of people worldwide, especially those from India, are very much concerned about the status of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy who went missing this Wednesday after a plane crash. A team composed of the best and well-trained personnel are already formed in what is considered as one of the biggest rescue team to search for a VIP in the world. TV9 Telugu News Channel offers the exclusive live coverage on YSR rescue mission.

We are trying our best to provide you with the LIVE TV9 Telugu News Channel Online stream but so far we found little success. Be sure to check us back regularly as we will be posting the LIVE stream here when we find a reliable source for TV9 Telugu.


Is Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR) Missing now Dead?

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Reddy or better known as YSR went missing last Wednesday after the helicopter where he is on-board crashed on a large swathe of forest. Elite commandos equipped with night vision googles, joined by 2,000-odd security forces, six choppers and Sukhoi jets are already scouring the crash site. This formed search-and-rescue team is considered as the biggest and most well-trained team to search for a VIP. Yes, YS Rajasekhara (YSR) Reddy is indeed one of the most precious politician in India. YSR is credited much for the Congress party’s surprise return to power in 2004 and a repeat of that victory in 2009.

So far, authorities and the entire rescue team found no success in retrieving the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, nor do they see any signs of life from the crash area. Lets just hope and pray that YSR Reddy is still alive and is found soon. For more news about Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy missing news and updates on TV 9 Telugu News Channel. Watch TV9 Telugu Live Streaming exclusively from Free TV.


America's Got Talent Finalists 2009 - Latest Results

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America's Got Talent Season 5 is definitely the biggest reality talent search TV show today in the US. It is watched by millions worldwide through satellite TV broadcast. Just recently, the finalists for this season of America's Got Talent has been revealed. Are you ready to find out if your bets make it to the next round of the competition?

First, here is a brief description of America's Got Talent, for those who haven't know the series yet:

Simon Cowell and NBC are scouring the country in search of the most talented person in America.

Contestants showcase their talent and hope to impress the judges, David Hasselhoof, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne, to reach to the top. The grand prize winner will win $1,000,000! The show will feature talent from various people from balancing stuff off their teeth to even rock bands. If they don't have the talent to receive the grand prize, the judges kick them out off the competition. However, unless they impress to judges, they continue their quest. Who has the talent to receive the grand prize?

Now, here are the Top Five America's Got Talent 2009 Finalists:

1) Texas Tenor
2) Grandma Lee
3) Kevin Skinner
4) Voices of Glory
5) Fab Five


Who is Christian 'CJ' Koegel?

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Christian "CJ" Koegel is a contestant of the Real World Cancun reality TV show by MTV. CJ Koegel is from Boca Raton, Florida. Before joining the cast of Real World Cancun, CJ was an NFL free agent who was the #4 punter in the country when he graduated from the University of Massachusetts. He also had a tryout in Las Vegas, and is awaiting the results. CJ Koegel is also known as "the All-American boy" and a "heartthrob". He takes good care pride in his body and his appearance overall. CJ says he would be a devout Christian if it were not for his sex drive. He had a girlfriend named Danielle back home, but the temptations of Cancun presented a challenge to their relationship, and they broke up in the first episode.

In short Christian "CJ" Koegel is a bastard and a jerk who is a good example of beauty with no brains. I just hope that the reason why CJ Koegel is the man of the hour, being on top of the Google Hot Trends, is because he was ousted or eliminated from the Real World Cancun TV show.


I Pledge Video vs. Ako Mismo

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I say a very interesting video over the Internet, its the 'I Pledge' video. Currently, this video is very viral online and is being watched by millions of web users. I did a quick search about the I Pledge video and I found one from youtube. The description of the video are as follows: "2009 promises to be a historical and exciting year filled with lots of hope, change and community service..." This video seems to be similar to the Ako Mismo video campaign here in the Philippines. Just watch the I Pledge video here, okay?

Watch I Pledge Video Campaign:

Here's a similar video campaign entitled as "Ako Mismo" (I, Myself will...) from the Philippines:


chupacabra pictures - pics - photos - video

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Chupacabra is a fictitious blood-sucking, elusive creature, similar to Big Foot. But many believe that recent evidences proves that Chupacabras are for real. Chupacabra pictures / photos and videos are hot items today in the Web. It is believed that a chupacabra was caught on tape by accident. Don't believe it? Just watch these videos and you decide if its true or not.

Watch chupacabra video # 1:

Watch chupacabra video # 2:


Ron and Hermione kissing scene (VIDEO)

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Its what every Harry Potter fans, millions of them, are talking about this week. A video of Ron and Hermione kiss / kissing scene which is part of the latest Harry Potter sequel "Deathly Hollow". For both young stars, this will be their first time to have a kissing scene caught in film, thus they were very shy and nervous during the takes. At the end, everything goes out pretty fine. You will see that both stars enjoyed the scene and the passion was in there. So are you ready to watch Ron and Hermione's kissing scene? I'm sure your excited, so watch it now!

Watch Ron and Hermione kissing scene (VIDEO) from Deathly Hollows:


NFL Preseason September 3 2009 Thursday Night LIVE Online Stream - Replay - Highlights (VIDEO)

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Its the final week, Week 4 for the NFL Preseason, and each game is becoming more and more exciting as we near the regular season (Sept 10). We have 13 scheduled games for Thursday Night Football this 3rd of September, these are the following:

Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills LIVE from Ralph Wilson Stadium (6:30 PM)
Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets LIVE from Giants Stadium (7 PM)
Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons LIVE from Georgia Dome (7:30 PM)
Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals LIVE from Paul Brown Stadium (7:30 PM)
New York Giants vs. New England Patriots LIVE from Gillette Stadium (7:30 PM)
Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars LIVE from Jacksonville Municipal Stadium (7:30 PM)
Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears LIVE from Soldier Field (8 PM)
Green Bay Packers vs. Tennessee Titans LIVE from LP Field (8 PM)
Kansas City Chiefs vs. St. Louis Rams LIVE from Edward Jones Dome (8 PM)
Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints LIVE from Superdome (8 PM)
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers LIVE from Bank of America Stadium (8 PM)
Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos LIVE from Invesco Field at Mile High (9 PM)
Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks LIVE from Qwest Field (10 PM)

So far, only two matches, Eagles vs. Jets and Raiders vs. Seahawks, has been announced to be broadcast LIVE on NFL Network. As for the rest of the games, please check with your local cable operators for the availability, channel and release time in your area.

Please do check us back regularly for all the live scores, news, updates, replay, highlight videos and more action from Thursday night football.


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